Our feeding tube project has been very successful! The tubes have made a huge difference for dogs (and cats!) that are already struggling to live under poor conditions. Check out our pictures below!

Our volunteers have gone to various neighbourhoods and locations such as La Loez, Calosa, La Pedrera, Boca, Nogalito, Paso Ancho and Playa Grande, Mismayloya, and Tabachines, just to name a few.

Inflation has hit pet food prices. As of Nov 2022, donations of $57 CAD or 800 pesos or $42 USDS may cover the previous donation levels below. However, ANY donation level is much appreciated.

“Pre-Covid – Your donation of $30 CAD or 485 pesos or 20 USD (depending on exchange rates) used to cover approximately cover a 22.7 kg bag. Each bag fills the feeding tube about 7 times. “

Donations will be used to replenish the feeding tubes managed by our volunteers around the city. This food will also help many family pets as families continue to struggle economically.

We don’t just feed the dogs but sometimes we also help with situations when stray dogs may require mange treatment, or even veterinary care . One mange treatment is about 50 dollars [CAD-2020].